Fran Avilés

Game Designer / Level Designer Copenhagen, Denmark

Designing intuitive, rewarding and aesthetically pleasing mechanics.

The two big projects I have worked on, together with smaller games for game jams, have showed me the real value of game (and occasionally level) design. Rather than working with big ideas, as a game designer I have been constantly confronted with small decisions necessary to shape a satisfactory user experience.
Moreover, since I was acting as lead designer, I have felt the responsibility of keeping a vision and an idea in spite of technical or artistic constraints. That showed the value of communication. In order to the designs getting correctly executed, artists and programmers have to be completely aware about the intentions of the designer and they have to trust the logic behind them.
This is one of the reasons why I am also currently working on individual projects. Knowing the process of programming and making the art for a game has already proven effective to transmit ideas. It also gives the design a more realistic and pragmatic approach.
Games are a communication challenge. It is about making the player understand, engage and enjoy a system. I like the process of analysing how the user reacts to every element of that system in order to shape the most pleasurable experience. Designing is considering the visual, sound and mechanical stimulus that the player will experience before and after each interaction.


IT University

MSc in Game Design

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Master in Literature and Art

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Bachelor in Journalism



Most aesthetically pleasing game, Global Game Jam 2016 Copenhagen


Best Social Experience, Lego Hackaton


Game Design Level Design


C# Unity 2D art 3D art Adobe Illustrator Unreal Engine