Game Jams

A Trial of Ice and Fire

A Trial of Ice and Fire was developed in one weekend for the Global Game Jam 2016 in Copenhagen. It was voted as the “Most aesthetically pleasing game” and the second best game of the jam. The theme of the jam was “rituals”.

The elders of the town entrust Clurr with the ritual of passage. Traditionally, ice or fire will chose the subject of the ritual. However, this time, both trials collided. The player can only move and switch between ice and fire to progress.

All the elements of the game have a different behaviour in ice and fire. While the lava river is deadly in its fire state, it is safe to cross when frozen. Every level works, then, as a puzzle in which the player has to both understand the relation among the different objects and perform the correct moves to get him to the end.

The playable version of the game as delivered at the end of the jam can be downloaded following the link of the description.


Colony was developed in one weekend for the 2016 Nordic Game Jam. The theme of the jam was "leak".

Colony is a single player multicontroller game about preventing an ant colony from drowning.

Every room of the colony is shaped as a controller from a different console. The player must perform a specific action in each of them to stop the water. The increasing difficulty quickly turns the experience into craziness while the player keeps confusing actions.


Puzzle adventure game based in the interaction of switching worlds.


Game Designer – Level Designer – 2D characters artist


Global Game Jam 2016 Copenhagen / Nordic Game Jam 2016