Tell Me What You See

Tell Me What You See is an award winning cooperative adventure for one player using VR and another (or multiple) player on a PC. Together they collaborate to solve the puzzles and discover the mysteries of the room.

As designer, my challenge was to create puzzles that would involve both the player using a VR headset in a room scale setup and the PC player (with interactions in the style of point and click adventures). The goal was to build the puzzles first as a toy to allow both players to express themselves and have pleasing interactions.

The room was laid out considering the asymmetry of their perception of the world and the means they have to interact with it. There are also several points of intentional conflict to generate humorous situations.

Having present the risk of one player working to facilitate the fun of the other instead of feeling part of the game, every interaction was built around steps that would require for both players to constantly participate and share information. Players would naturally adopt their intended goals and cooperate to solve the challenges together.