Fran Avilés


Game Director and Lead Designer




Game Direction & Design


2021 – Today

Uragun is a top-down shooter in which the player controls a mecha unit that's looking for its pilots in a world in which AI has risen against humanity. The main appeal is its spectacular combat that is often described as smooth, tight and satisfying.


After several previous versions, I joined the development of Uragun to give the game its final creative direction and bring it to its release. We had the difficult challenge of rethinking many of its core principles while developing the sufficient content that would allow us to launch on Steam Early Access.

I designed the combat system of Uragun, supervised and guided the level creation, wrote its dialogues and scripts for the comic pages, and was involved in every other aspect of the game, from visuals, to audio, marketing and project management.


Uragun is an experience clearly inspired by arcade titles. However, it burrows and innovates in various aspects with the goal of creating a satisfying and unique combat experience. Every aspect of its action has been meticulously balanced and polished to create a system that is rewarding to master but also very playful to interact with.


One of the most crucial aspects is how the mecha traverses the combat arenas. The game's flexible and smooth dash gives the players a lot of expressiveness in their actions. The enemies' attacks, weapon timings and other element are designed to set the player in a constant movement, a sort of destructive dance.


Although the narrative is not the main focus of the title, Uragun introduces players to its world through detailed and atmospheric environments together with dialogues among the different AIs that populate the world. The contrast between the naivety and dedication of the mecha with the evil plans of the rogue AI aims to create a backdrop sometimes comedic and others melancholic to the setting of the game.

This narrative is shown through in-game dialogues, but also in the form of comic pages that can be collected in the levels.